Our customers have been sharing ideas on how they eat our jerky and asking lots of questions.  We were pleasantly surprised to see their unique ways to use it.  Please share your idea via email and we will be pleased to share with everyone and give you a $2.00 discount on your next bag, if your idea is not already published here!


Put your water and rice in your pot and also add the jerky of your choice – cut into pieces or whole slices.  Bring to a boil, cover and simmer on low heat for the time required.  You will find that your jerky not only flavored your rice but also added protein to the dish.


Rehydrate the jerky of your choice in the Microwave by putting it between 2 damp paper towels for about 30 seconds, longer if desired.  Or you can cook it in the same skillet, with a lid, as your peppers and onions.  Put the cooked mixture into your wrap with your favorite toppings.

Soup:  Break up your favorite Jerky and put it in your soup base, water is all many use.  The seasonings from the Jerky will season your base and the meat will rehydrate adding the protein to your soup.  Next, if needed add your own twist to the taste or thicken the broth.

Question:  What Jerky to people watching their Gluten consumption buy?  The Sizzlin’ Steak is the item our Gluten folks buy.

Question:   Do you add Sugar to any of the products?  Yes, we add about 1/4 C of sugar to the Jerky Jack to cut the bite of the alcohol in the marinade.

Question:  How much marinade do you use?  We use about a cup of marinade per 10 lbs of meat.

Question:  Why don’t you guys grind the meat?  We want you to see that we are using quality meat.  By slicing it and not grinding it, we are not hiding anything in the strips.

Question:  You do not dehydrate, how do you dry the meat?  We actually put it on the smokers after marinating over night.  The meat is slow smoked until it reaches the desired level of preserved meat.  Since we actually do smoke our jerky, we do not need to add Liquid Smoke.

Question:  Why don’t you use Salt?  Frank can not have it and I do not like it!  We want you to taste the meat and our blends of marinades and seasonings.  Nothing should be hidden by so much salt or chemicals.